this i believe: education

Michael - Hurley, New York
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that everyone should be treated as a person and no one should be denied any form of education. I want my students to learn, not only what I teach, but lifelong lessons that I and others will bring up. I believe all kids have the potential to reach the next level, wherever they may be, and I will try to get the best out of my students. My short-term goal is to teach history to the best of my ability. My long-term goal, and in my eyes more importantly, should be providing students with the opportunity to become better all around in life. I will be teaching my students respect and responsibility. I will be teaching my students again to give their best effort possible and kindness will be displayed in my lessons and I expect my students to display kindness as well. I feel that students are the future and feel we, as educators, have the responsibility to make each and every student better in hopes that they will achieve greatness in whatever they do. I will encourage parents to get involved and be active in their child’s education. I will expect a lot from my students; however, I do this because I care and want the best for them. My classroom will be a supportive atmosphere and there will consequences for anyone who disrespects another student. My students are expected to take pride in their work and at least try in everything they do. My students will be encouraged to stay after school to work on projects and home work with me as well as to join a club or school association to get a more rounded education. Every student is different and I will try my best to provide an equal opportunity of learning. I believe students should be driven by their want for academic excellence. I believe every student should feel safe in the learning environment. All students will be encouraged to share their views, writings and thoughts in class discussion.