math philosophy

Amanda - oxford, New York
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I feel that I’m an idealist, I’m constantly looking for the truth in an ever changing world and I want to incorporate that into my teaching. I’m not a person that is set in my ways, I would teach based on the needs of the generation I’m teaching. For some years classes are better adapted to learning in a lecture, which I think I would be able to recognize. However other years the classes learn in a more hands on manner. In my classroom some projects would be relevant but for the most part Q and A would be a big part, depending on the class would depend on which is used more. As a math teacher I want to try and teach not only what is required for that grade level but also how some of the things that the students are learning can apply to real life. I expect the students to learn the material taught to them as well as how they will use it in life. Testing is a big way to measure what the students are learning, I would use questions based on experiences they may face in real life on the written test that the students would have to take. Since I’ve read about Vygotsky I also feel that a seriously integrated classroom is something I can thrive on and work with. Also I know that as a part of adapting to the learning styles of the kids there also needs to be a basis that can keep the information and delivery solid. Certain things the kids are just going to have to memorize based on the standards for the state and there won’t be a chance to relate it to something they will have to do in real life. I believe that I will be able to adapt and teach effectively with my personal teaching philosophy.