My Philosophy

Amanda - poultney, vt 05764, Vermont
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Growing up, I struggled in school through most of my journey. Year after year I improved and when I finally reached high school, I took the changing courses and always tried my hardest. It started probably when I was learning to talk. It took me longer than most of the other children to speak. Now that I can, I dad says he wished I never learned because I don’t know how to be quite.

There is one experience in my life that I feel has really affected my life and even my views. In first grade, my teacher Mrs. Jones had no hope for me. She never believed I could learn to read and write. She fought for me to be held back or attend pre- first, but she lost. My Aunt Brenda would not allow her to hold me back or not teach me like all the other students. She once said that I would never make it past high school, and that I would be pregnant, living in a box with no shoes. Her words of rudeness have traveled with me through my years of schooling. After I graduated high school, I wanted to go back to her and tell her to take a good look at me. And also show her all my shoes. I feel I have come a long way. Even in high school I struggled, but I always took the challenging classes and I never once gave up. I don’t believe I am the best reader, I don’t like reading out loud, but I love reading as a pastime. I always hate being called on to read out loud in class.

Teaching is a trial and error progress. Teachers make mistakes, but this bigger then a mistake. There is no words that can describe this. It is obvious that it has affected me. The one thing it will never shy me away from is my dream, being a teacher. I strongly believe now that this is an example what not to do. Unfortunately this teacher is still teaching. I hope that she hasn’t done this to any other student. Because no student deserves to be forgotten and pushed aside like I was.

I have always wanted to work with children between the ages from birth to seven (ish). I believe in learning through play and using the method of project base. I find it being creative, yet interesting so a student can enjoy learning. I also believe it’s important to stay positive. Being positive allows a child to respect the teacher and gives the student a chance to want to learn. Having respect both ways (teacher to student and student to teacher) builds a relationship bond that creates a positive and happy friendly environment. It’s important to reward the good actions and behaviors so a student believes in him or her self. I see myself using “Bubbling Bee- havior chart” or sticker chart. Making sure all the children know they are unique and special in their own ways is a must. Teaching them as individual people allows them to think and grow as individuals.

I feel its essential the student can come speak to me about anything. I want to be a teacher that is like-able and makes the students feel comfortable to be around me. When one finds a teacher that can be talked to about anything; school work, family, etc., that teacher is more than just a teacher, they are a mentor. I know the age level I want to teach is fairly young, but they are still people who can have family problems or issues. They still have feeling that need to be understood. They need more support at that age.

Being a teacher is more than just teaching; it’s being a role model, too. I would affect how a child would soak up the material and how they would put their mind to not just school work, but life itself. A teacher can have a positive or negative effect; hopefully I will have a positive effect on all my future students. All children learn how to learn right from birth; the role models around them her mold how the child will behave and grow.