Ba-Da-Ba-Ba-Ba… McDonalds

Kimberly - Plainsboro, New Jersey
Entered on April 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“I’m Lovin’ It.” Ronald McDonald was conceived only a little over fifty years ago, in 1956 and since then, has grown into the world’s greatest chain of fast food restaurants. 6 of every 7 people think of McDonalds when someone mentions fast food. They now serve customers in 61 countries, including the USA, Egypt, Australia, Chile, and China. With their advertisements, their foods appear tasty, delectable, and low-priced. In truth though, McDonalds is outrageously unhealthy and should not be the most prominent symbol of fast food in the world. Instead, they should be best-known as the leading and most cunning market on the face of the Earth. McDonalds brainwashes people worldwide and banishes them to a lifetime’s worth of health issues and insecurity. Still though, they are making massive amounts of money off their products. Documentaries have also been established as a means of educating the public of the Golden Arch’s evildoings. Regardless of their attempts to educate the public, people regularly and relentlessly take their walk to the neighboring fast food restaurant, merely to prove their own ignorance to the rest of the world. Might as well pick up a cancer stick while they are at it.

Even the concept of McDonalds foods are nauseating – fries cooked in oil for hours, high-calorie sandwiches… The only McDonalds foods that do not have any grams of fat are ketchup packets, sauces, syrups, beverages, apple dippers, and a side salad. Their Deluxe Breakfast has sixteen grams of the heart-disease-and-obesity-causing trans-fat. The new generation is being contaminated with multiple health issues that are being sprung upon them by a selfish fast food chain. McDonalds has crippled the world in this way, and ultimately has contributed to Young America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia’s present susceptibility to disease. Given that the United States comprises of almost half of the McDonalds restaurants (12,804) in the world, obesity costs in New Jersey alone are over $2.3 billion. The United States spent a total of $75.1 billion last year on medical expenses such as drugs, doctor visits, and hospitalizations related to obesity. And whether or not people care if they get heart disease, it is not for them to choose. After all, it involves everyone; not just them. Diseases like such are consequential to taxpayers in the form of Medicare and Medicaid. So McDonalds comes off as cheap. Okay, sure. But in truth, they cost more than everyone thinks. The world must eliminate the instigators of this new and unhealthy age to prevent further occurrence of damage. Granted, McDonalds is not always the cause of this catastrophe.

In 2004, Morgan Spurlock directed and featured in a documentary called Supersize Me. Released to warn the public of the dangers of the “Golden Arches”, he personally conducted an experiment to show the effects of too much McDonalds food consumption. According to Spurlock, his nonstop intake of McDonalds foods gave him not only stomach and body aches, but also a feeling of mental depression, exhaustion, and erratic mood swings. “Over the course of my McDiet, I consumed 30 pounds of sugar … I also took in 12 pounds of fat. Now, I know what you’re saying. You’re saying nobody’s supposed to eat this food three times a day. No wonder all this stuff happened to you. But the scary part is: there are people who eat this food regularly. Some people even eat it every day.” Morgan Spurlock has led a horse to water. The problem is that it is up to the world to drink.

5 out of every 7 people do not know that foods appearing in commercials and advertisements such as those from McDonalds are not actually edible. Nevertheless, food stylists are hired by various industries to portray their goods in such a way that they can entice customers. Sandwiches are held up with cardboard and toothpicks. Meat is scorched with a blowtorch, and tobacco smoke is used to generate “steam” from the food. Cheap, plastic ice cubes are placed in sodas, water mixtures keep the food looking fresh, and powdered sugar, syrup, and solid shortenings are used to make the “frosting” on ice cream. Even hairspray is used to keep foods in their position. Stylists go through hundreds of tomato slices and hamburger buns before finding the perfect batch to advertise with. McDonalds, doubtless, uses food stylists for their infomercials and ads. In all likelihood, a purchase of a Sausage McGriddle will turn out as a vulgar, poor-quality, and heaping mess.

A McDonalds Filet-O-Fish is “100 percent cod with a pinch of salt to taste after cooking”. Little known to their customers, the fast food chain has been misleading them with allegations that their food is entirely healthy and unadulterated. According to a lawsuit monitored by CNN in 2003, “McDonalds does not make its nutritional information ‘adequately available’ and said numerous claims made by the fast-food chain are … untrue.” With a statement that ingredients in a Filet-O-Fish also includes “modified corn starch, dextrose, cellulose gum, citric acid and an anti-foaming agent called dimethylpolysiloxane” (which is a term used for a natural or synthetic compound of silicone that is often used for pharmaceutical or cosmetic purposes – what? That does not seem like a safe substance to consume), the plaintiffs accused McDonalds of double-dealing their customers and promoting false advertisements. Moreover, McDonalds disregarded the entire lawsuit under the rationale that such an argument was “senseless”.

McDonalds claims that their mission is to “be our customer’s favorite place and way to eat.” Really? People should not find it difficult to say that they hate having to deal with health issues and being down in the dumps on a daily basis. McDonalds is even persuading their younger customers with their Happy Meals, their playhouses, and even their icon, Ronald McDonald. Their customers should not love going to McDonalds. In fact, they should love heading in the other direction – away from heart disease, away from stroke, away from obesity. McDonalds is bad. End of story. People must be aware of how unhealthy the fast food restaurant is by now, so why are they still going? Whoever calls for McDonalds to change their slogan to “I’m hatin’ it”, say aye!

Ronald McDonald & Co. thrives on causing people of all ages and ethnicities to experience trauma associated with both physical and mental issues. Why? Well, why not? They are making quite a profit as the world’s most recognizable food chain, and their frequent customers are the very people whom are enduring this crisis. McDonalds is not concerned about their customers’ opinions or wellbeing. They are a fast food chain fueled by a craving for profit over cheap products. McDonalds puts up false advertisements and claims that their foods are “healthy” and in turn, damage the health and mental stabilities of people around the world. But then again… this philippic against them is “senseless”, right?