The Hardest Words to Write

Daniel - Miami, Florida
Entered on April 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This is the hardest thing anyone can ever be asked to write. To pick one sole belief and write about it in only 350 words seems very simple but is a near impossible task. People are complicated characters living in an ever changing world with a complex system of beliefs. Senior year of High School I was asked to write a “This I Believe” paper, stating just one belief. Picking just one thing I believe in is incredibly difficult because it seems to simplify me as a person. Choosing one belief transforms me from an individual with multiple beliefs to a representative for one sole belief. After weeks of attempting to narrow down my topic in High School, I was able to force out an essay about my father’s affect on my growth as a person. In the end I was not satisfied with what I presented to the class room. The essay was not satisfactory nor would have any other topic I could have chosen to speak about, simply for the reason that I can not narrow down my beliefs to just one. Different situations have molded my many different beliefs. I believe I work best on impulse and spontaneity (a nicer way of saying I am a procrastinator). I believe money means absolutely nothing in the end. I believe that we should live for today because worrying about what has already happen or about what might happen does us no good in realizing the greatness of what is in front of us right now. I believe thought experiments do not work because people do not conceptualize morals in black and white (as Kantians and Utilitarian’s would have us do). If two people are drowning, I attempt to save both, plain and simple no deduction necessary. I believe that music is voice of the world at large. I believe that the United States is the greatest country on earth but we have strayed the course in these past years. I believe in the acceptance of other cultures as a critical step in the creation of a world peace. I believe that love, friends and family are essential in sustaining life, more so than food, water and shelter. I believe in Family first, before God, school or law. I believe that I am a person shaped by what I believe. In being so I am subject to more than just one belief. This I believe, to choose one belief (and to be satisfied with it) is damn near impossible because of the complexity of human life.