Helping Out

Charles - Salida, Colorado
Entered on April 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

It would seem that doing good for its own sake has been a lost art in our fast track, take what you can, help only your-self modern age. There always seems to be a catch, whether it be something in return, a prize, reward, something that will help you in the long run, helping for the sake of helping is rarely seen. I like walking down the street and seeing a stranger help another stranger, not for a reward, there was nothing in it for them except the satisfaction of helping his fellow man. These random acts of kindness are contagious, watching a man push a car for a stranger somehow pulls me closer to helping, and that is what I believe in, helping for the sake of helping, not for a reward, but to help someone in need.

People with love and respect outside of them self’s see the benefit of helping for no cause, and that is helping is enough. The world is filled with people of greed, and gluttony, and their hunger will never be quenched because they don’t know the definition of enough, but to me, the love of my family and the respect from my friends, and the tiny smile of a strangers face when I open a door for them is enough, and to see them grab that door for another stranger that walks by opposite of me fills me with more than I would ever need.

As a personal philosophy I try to do any kind gesture I can to a person that I have never met, and I like to believe in that one gesture, tiny it may be, will be passed on to another. Holding a door for someone is not just helping someone so that they don’t have to reach out and grab a handle, it’s showing that helping for no reason can be its own reward. Acts of pure kindness are contagious, and that’s what makes them special, holding a door for someone can plant that seed, and you can see it move across a room. I believe that these acts can one day change our world forever; kindness has a way of changing people, so open a door for a stranger and see the smile on their face, and you might be surprised where that small act of kindness jumps to next.