Who Says Guys Are Stronger, Faster, and Better Than Girls

Jessica - West Deptford, New Jersey
Entered on April 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality, sports

I believe that girls are just as strong, fast, and athletic as guys. Somehow guys have gotten the reputation of being stronger and, therefore, in charge. But I think that needs to change. Why can’t it be “woman of the house” rather than “man of the house?”

So many guys I know act tough and arrogant around girls, but they won’t face a girl who challenges them. They hide behind reasons like, “Oh, you might get hurt.” But what makes them think we aren’t tough enough to take on a challenge?

Just the other day, my friend who plays soccer was bragging about how fast he is and how no striker could get past him. So I said to him kidding around, “I bet I can make one move and blow right past you.”

He replied, “If you were a guy, I would catch you and take you out. But I wouldn’t do that to a girl.”

When he said this, it made me wonder if guys ever compete fairly against girls. In playful co-ed physical competitions, do guys ever work up to their full potential? Or do they just let the girls win in the name of chivalry?

I had a similar conversation with another friend on Halloween. While we were trick-or-treating, I was swinging my candy bag around and I accidentally tapped my friend with it. He joked and overreacted, saying “Why I ought to…” as he swung his candy bag, getting ready to tap me back. But then he lowered his bag and added, “I won’t do that, though, since you’re a girl. I might hurt you.”

Hurt me? Come on. I may not stand much over five feet, but I’m no wimp. I think I can handle a light hit on the back with chocolate and lollipops. If I were a guy, I guarantee he would have got me back with no hesitation. I mean, don’t get me wrong, nobody likes getting hit with anything. But nobody likes being treated like a child, either.

Until guys start viewing and treating girls as equals when it comes to pain tolerance and athletic ability, there will never be a fair co-ed competition. I know guys think they are “sparing” us from getting hurt, but I would rather guys compete against me as they would with each other because then it would be a real test of strength and ability.

Once this happens, it would open up more doors for women in sports. There would probably be more women wrestlers, and maybe even a professional women’s football league. You never know.

I think that when girls are treated with complete fairness, they respect guys more instead of regarding them as children who think that they are the biggest, toughest kid on the playground. Our society would be a more honest, civil place if more men took off their macho masks and let women see what they are really made of. This I believe.