Friendship: Everyone Needs It

Savannah - Taylors, South Carolina
Entered on April 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Friendship isn’t like food in Africa, or like fossil fuels in America. It is like air on planet Earth; there is more than enough to go around. I believe in friendship and that everyone needs at least one true friend, if not more. A true friend is someone who is always there for you, never lets you down, and doesn’t want you to ever change anything, except maybe your underwear. They like you for who you are.

Everyday after some kids get home from school they just sit there wondering what it would be like to have friends and wondering what kind of stuff the kids who do have friends are doing. These are the kids who might not have the popular brand clothing that everyone else is wearing or might not have the same interests as everyone else. So what? Get to know them. Maybe you will come to find out that what they like is cool too, and you will be helping out not only them but yourself as well.

I mean think about it; how often do you see a friendless person happy? I don’t think I ever have. Nevertheless, I believe that if they had a friend to talk to about any problems that they might be experiencing or even someone to talk about how their day was with, they would be a much happier person. My friends are my life and I have no idea how I could ever survive without them.

Gaining new friends is always good but keeping the old ones is also important. I have been great friends with Cassidy since the third grade and we just never grew apart. We can talk about anything and everything together, and I believe that everyone needs someone like this to share their memories with. When people see that you can keep a friend for a long time they will come to realize “Hey, that’s someone I think I could become good friends with,” and you will just keep gaining new friends.

I believe in friendship and that there can never be too much of it. Friends are very important to me and are a huge component of my life. Everyone could always use a friend. This I believe.