Trust Your Instincts

Kendal - Bettendorf, Iowa
Entered on April 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in trusting your instincts because when you don’t, you always wish you could go back and follow them. I say this because there has been many times when I wanted to do something and my instincts were telling me to do it, but for some reason I seemed afraid or scared to do it and when I didn’t follow what my instincts were telling me, I paid for it in the end. The one time that I will never forget was when I was sitting at the poker table with six other friends and we were all playing Texas Hold’em. The blinds were 10/20 and I was dealer. As I was shuffling the cards, for some reason I just had this feeling that this hand was going to be big, wasn’t sure if I was going to win, just I knew that there was going to be a lot of chips thrown in the pot. So I dealt out the cards to all my friends, two cards to each, and waited until my turn to look at my cards, like I always do. The small blind and big blind posted their 10/20 blinds and one after another the rest of my friends folded until it was my turn. When I looked at my cards, I was surprised to see QQ, one of clubs and one of diamonds. Of course I had to raise it, I mean I’m dealer and most likely have the best hand. So I raised it up to 100. Small blind folded right away, but immediately big blind re-raised me to 200. Now I’m thinking, I wonder if they have KK or AA. So what I did was re-raise him to 350 to see what he would do. The worst possible thing happened to me and I almost knew it was going to happen. He went all-in with a smile on his face. Of course he has more chips than me, so if I called his all-in and lost I would be out and just have to watch the rest of the game bored. I sat there and thought and thought and thought. Of course my others friends at the table who weren’t in the hand, were getting mad, telling me to hurry up and go all-in or fold, but I just couldn’t decide the right choice. My instincts were saying call, it’s just a game and you could always rebuy if you lost, but I just felt bad about it and really thought that I was beat. So me being stupid ended up folding and when I did, of course I asked him what he was holding in his hand and he flipped over JJ, one of clubs and one of diamonds. I was so mad! I couldn’t believe that I folded! We started flipping the cards over to see what would show up on the board and who would of won and I got even madder. On the flop it came Q of spades, J of spades, and 2 of diamonds. I literally stood up so fast and just started yelling and screaming because I was so pissed. The turn came with an A of clubs and the river was an 8 of clubs. My friend laughed of course and called me an idiot for not calling his all-in, and four hands later I ended up getting out on some stupid flush that one of my other friends caught on the river. I couldn’t believe how stupid I was and from then on I knew that if my instincts were telling me something, to always follow them because somehow they are just always right, maybe not for you, but always for me now. What an experience it was for me. That right there, has made me a better Texas Hold’em player to this day.