Importance of High School

Jennie - Biloxi, Mississippi
Entered on April 21, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Importance of High School

I grew up wanting what most little girls want, a loving husband and children. I planned on going on to college after high school and getting a degree in Veterinary Medicine. I could say that I joined the wrong crowds in high school, but I would be lying. As I sat in the hallways of my high school, instead of in my classrooms, I knew deep down that I was only hurting myself. The teachers cared about me, but their careers did not depend on what I did in my high school years. I finally dropped out of high school in my junior year.

I met a boy and married him when I was eighteen years and had my first precious child at nineteen. My husband stopped working regularly and we were forced to accept government aid to survive. I left my husband when my eldest was less than six months old and moved home with my mother. With mom’s help I attended a Business College and received training as an accounting assistant while working at minimum wage jobs.

Then I met my second husband and had two beautiful children with him, they are the only good thing this man gave me. My second husband felt that working was beneath him and babysitting was out of the question. I worked full time in a robotics company while my husband sat at home and neglected the children. I finally left him when he was arrested for child abuse. I fought for and won my children back from social services and decided it was time for a change. I moved back home with my mother again fifteen hundred miles away.

I began a new life in a new city. I married my third husband who brought a toddler son to the marriage. This husband decided that working a steady job was not for him, so by this time I was supporting six people on a minimum wage salary and I’d had enough. I applied for and was accepted to the Licensed Practical Nursing program at the local community college. I graduated, began working in a nursing home, and divorced my third husband.

I am now the single mother of three wonderful adults. I have again enrolled in the community college and am working towards a degree in business. I look back on my high school days with pain and regret. I know that if I had applied myself in high school, my children and I would have a much better life today. Through my mistakes I had hoped to teach my children the importance of a college education. I am now less than a month away from my youngest child graduating from high school.