One Chance

Sarah - Salida, Colorado
Entered on April 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

One Chance. How could I give her a chance? She was so annoying, and I could tell everyone on the bus was just as annoyed. I wanted to sleep but all I could hear was, “blah, blah blah,” coming from the front of the bus. Arrrgggg! Couldn’t she be quiet for five minutes?!? Sure I’d tried to talk to her but she would never let me talk. It was a one-way conversation every time, all about her. Every time I tried to get a word in edgewise she would interrupt and begin another topic. Ahhhh! It’s so frustrating because I want to share my thoughts too, but she acts like she doesn’t want to hear from anybody but herself. I have to say I dreaded the thought of even sitting near her for fear of being pulled into a conversation that would go nowhere.

One day I was complaining about these things to my friend. “She’s so annoying! And nobody likes her!” I said. My friend, who is a very nice person, replied, “Well I like her, she’s really nice.” Wow! That sudden change of expression towards this girl shocked me. Everyone else I had talked to agreed with me, they didn’t like her. I was speechless. My friend continued, “Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to judge her.” Bam! It hit me. Was I really judging this person too quickly? The truth hurts but I had to admit I was, and worse I had let my peers affect me, they had helped me reach this conclusion with bad attitudes toward her as well. Wow! So maybe I could give her one more chance before I decided if I liked her or not.

That one chance worked and it showed me that she is a great person who has lots of opinions about who she is, about other people and about life itself. Today we’re great friends and I can’t believe I had ever thought about her so badly. Her ideas always keep me thinking and I know I would have missed out on a great friendship had I kept my attitude the same way. This I believe: we shouldn’t judge people too quickly; you never know who your next friend could be!