I believe that being driven is a powerful tool

Julie - Diberville, Mississippi
Entered on April 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was in elementary school there was nothing more I wanted than to be on the girls A-basketball team. I devoted all my time to practicing and learning new ways to make myself a better player. Basketball at that moment was the most important thing I wanted. I was desperately to be apart of the team. I thought that playing basketball was my life and that was what I possibility wanted to do when I grew up. I tried out for this team for the first time when I was in sixth grade and was told I had potential however; needed more practice and time before I would be ready to play with the big girls. I was hurt and emotional beyond words. All the hard work I was doing was not paying off like I wanted. I was not going let this discourage me, if this really means that much to me then I was not going to let it discourage me or pull me down. I worked hard through the course of that season watching the girls’ games and imaging playing. My seventh grade year rolled around and basketball season was starting. I new this was my year to play and I was going to make the team no matter if it killed me. It was the same thing I worked so hard and yet another disappointment I did not make the team. I was completely discouraged and could not understand why this was happening to me. My spirit was strong and I wanted to play basketball for this team. I did what I had been doing along until next season. I was now in eighth grade and ready to find if it was my time to shine. I made the basketball team that year and it was just as much fun and hard work as I thought it was going to be. Through the two years I worked so hard trying to make this team I never gave up. I was disappointed over and over again but I never let myself quit. I was only a child and motivated to accomplish the goals that meant so much me. I realized if I have the courage to push myself to make a basketball team then I will be strong enough to push my way through life.