Love- The Ultimate Gift

Kimberly - Lutz, Florida
Entered on April 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love, setbacks

It was a rather sunny day when my family decided to stop by the infamous “Walmart” to go and pick up a few things. Because I was still in my pajama pants, I decided that it was better if I waited in the car. As I sat there, my phone began ringing and I answered, expecting my father to answer back. My guess is that he did not realize that his phone had called me because he was in mid-conversation with a close friend. As I sat there and listened closely, I realized that the words coming out of his mouth were not something that a daughter would ever want to hear. Cringing at his voice, I began panicking and hysterically crying. As much as I wanted to hang up the phone, I could not. I needed to know exactly what my father was doing behind my mother’s back.

That day was one that I will never forget. It was the start of an emotional train wreck that just kept going. My trust for my own father had been completely and permanently destroyed. It seemed that even when the divorce was finally over, my father continued to remain an alien to me. I did not know this man. This man was someone who completely changed for the worst. He became someone who would rather sacrifice his own relationship with his children than lose something materialistic in his life. Not only would he imply his lack of love for me, but he would blatantly say them as well.

They say that every story has a happy ending. Well, for the longest time I felt that there would be no happy ending and that things would remain just as bad as they have been for the past three years. It took a while, but I finally changed paths. I have come to the conclusion that throughout the very worst, the best has come out of me. I have not only become a stronger person, but also have realized how lucky I am to have love. Although it may not come from my father, I still have the rest of my family and friends who have stayed there for me through it all. I also have my boyfriend who has given me the strength to tell myself that “things will be okay” and “I am better off not having him in my life.” This has given me the confidence to continue to strive and succeed in life… to never give up. Whenever I feel like things are not going the way I had planned, I can always count on the unconditional love that surrounds me everyday.