I believe in wishes coming true.

Valentina - Sterling Heights, Michigan
Entered on April 19, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: hope

You may laugh with much disbelief about what is written below. You may say a few comments, like I twisted the time space continuum, or you can try to believe all my tales, but these few confessions are true.

I myself believe in wishes coming true. Do you? Just close both your eyes and go back in your past. Try to recall some of your wishes and you will find that a few of your wishes came true.

These are my views:

After I gave birth to my son and daughter, I wished for both to have honest and strong personalities, so they could follow their hearts in the most important choices of their lives at work and in love. You may say that this is the desire that every mother dreams about. But for me, building their characters represented an every day task, maybe was a little too obsessive. Talking about the good and the bad of this word and the reason why the good sometimes become bad and the inverse was something that they really liked to discuss. I was sure that this was one of the methods to keep them safe in this dangerous life. But…everything stopped three years ago when I came to the United States. Our conversations continued, like chatting online, but it wasn’t close like before. I wondered many times: Are they strong enough to follow all their wishes?

It was not long ago when I found out that they are good and respectful students in what they decided to study, that they are amongst friends who are following the same goals, and that each of them is able to bring the right judgments in some delicate situations.

I felt so much happiness that my eyes became wet….

And there are other wishes that came true.

Sometimes in our lives, you can say that destiny made us to wish for something different than what we already own: more money, a different partner, change an environment, etc. When I was young and watched to world with more enthusiasm, I wanted to live in a society where people are free to either speak or act. After a few months of living in the United States, I suddenly understood that my concept of freedom became a reality. And that wasn’t the end of all my fulfilled dreams.

I was always interested in many human civilizations: Chinese, Japanese and South and North American. I absorbed all the information that I got by reading books and watching documentaries. I dreamt many times about traveling around the world, not only to see modern and ancient constructions and natural beauties, but also to try to live with people for fully understand their cultural philosophy. Believe it or not, this wish became true again. I’m a student at language school in Detroit and meeting many people from around the world. Day by day, we share our memories and knowledge about customs and history. I’m able to learn their cultures and talk about mine.

And I’m enjoying it.

I’m sure that everybody has dreams in which only a fairy can interfere to make them all come true. Also, I know that amongst many wishes, those that are coming straight from our heart will become true. So, close your eyes; search into the hidden places of your mind and find your most desirable wish….