People should have a chance to make their dream come true

jocelyn - Dorchester, Massachusetts
Entered on April 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

People should have a chance to make their dream

Come true

Why is it that the people who came to this country looking for the American Dream are being deported because they don’t have the paperwork that the government needs? But when they are working their backs off, the government appreciates them and then they take their money when it comes to paying for the residence that they don’t get.

The government should give the immigrants a chance, because they risked their life coming here and living here and should be able to get it since they earned their own living here.

A couple of years ago, my dad and I were watching a Spanish TV show where an immigration lawyer won a couple’s case of being deported back to their countries and he was able to give them a resident card. My dad started talking to me about how it was upsetting to him how he’s been in this country for twenty-one years and still hasn’t been able to get his residency and that couple who has only been living in this country for less than fifteen years got their residency.

I thought my dad had a point, how he came to this country willing to start a new life and work as hard as any citizen, paid his taxes, and bought a house like any other citizen.

Twenty- one years without going to his homeland and seeing the woman who gave birth to him. Twenty-one years has passed since he has seen the family he grew up.

I would feel bad when ever I would see my dad watch the people on TV being happy because they got their residence and him not being able to get his. Why shouldn’t he be able to get his residence card, when he’s been a good person who takes care of his family, never has drunk or smoke, nor committed any crime just like a good citizen should required being?

Everyone should have a chance because people, who deserve their resident card like my dad, aren’t getting it but other people who do, have not entirely been a good citizen. It’s been very difficult not being able to go to your country and meet the family that you’ve talk to so much on the phone. Imagine not being able to see the person you loved? Not being able to be there when a family member would pass away and couldn’t go back to your homeland to see them one last time? Imagine, you regretting not being able to be by their side while them, slowly leaving you but still, having a chance to be with them for a while.

Everyone should be able to go back to their home country with or without a resident card. I think family is the most important thing in life without it you couldn’t have the support you wanted. Family is what keeps you going on a bad day, makes you laugh when you sad, and helps you with your problems when you need it.