No Censor No Good

Victoria - scottsdale, Arizona
Entered on April 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

As time has progressed technological advancements have become more ingrained into society. With this said, communication is no longer the basic communication source, instead, communication sources such as television, literature, internet, radio, and computers have become highly influential. Due to so many gossip and news sources it is nearly impossible to monitor every single one of these sources, and much less have the ability to censor these resources correctly.

Images in television have continuously shown images of both men and women nearly undressed, or even engaging in sexual activity. Talk radio, television shows, websites, and music contain explicit words which have even become accepted as “normal” words. An example of this is the word “bitch.” This term has always been a degrading to women, however, the media simply portrays it as normal and currently refuses to censor it with the so called annoying “beep beeps.” Regardless of censorship sounds being terribly annoying, they serve their desired purpose which is to control those previously outlawed words. Nonetheless, as presently seen, this censorship sound is no longer utilized with words such as “bitch”, “shit” and select others.

These changes by the mass communicating sector only reflects a negative outcome especially on young children. Upon allowing and embracing such vulgar images and explicit words, children who know no better begin to create a normal and accepting attitude toward such obscenity. It is completely understandable that as Americans we are able to exercise our given right of “Freedom of Speech.” But, it is imperative that we differentiate between what is good and bad for the young ones.

Showing images for example of Britney Spears and Madonna kissing on television multiple times for various weeks only creates a negative image for children. It is possible that the first times that this was shown it was a shock and people saw it as morally incorrect (as many did), but upon constant repetition the vulgarity and indecency of the scene was mitigated instantaneously.

It is not only sex and language that poses a large problem for the younger population; it is also the extreme violence that is seen on television shows, movies and video games. Video games have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment for adolescents and young children. Some of the best sellers just so happen to be violent games such as Grand Theft Auto and World of War Craft. Constant outrageous, blood-soaked and savage scenes also become a form of entertainment and its underlying meaning and irrational violence become rather typical and common for everyone, including children.

The general public and more specifically children are being manipulated by this mass media sector. Images once seen as extremely vulgar and even immoral have become normal. Upon constantly seeing such scenes people reach a level of acceptance and cease to recognize that such images only depict immoral conduct. Lack of censorship has put the population of our young children in danger as they are being exposed to explicit content that may not be completely apt for their age.