Trying gets you everywhere

Megan - Sterling Hts., Michigan
Entered on April 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Trying gets you everywhere…

In the begging of January this year I decided I needed to start chipping away at earning a college degree. So I signed up for some classes on-line. Seeing how I live in such a bad economy, in October my job could no longer afford to pay me and was forced to shut down, still owing me 400+ dollars. As difficult as it is to find a job without education and seeing how much an education costs to get, I started to apply for financial aid.

School was about to start and I was eagerly waiting to find out if I was going to receive any help paying for school. Well it turns out that they weren’t going to help me with any of it. Automatically I went in to panic mode. No job, no money, and I have to pay for school and books. Then I was informed that if you get pregnant and aren’t married to the father of the baby, you get all your schooling free. So you are saying I can’t get any financial help but if I go and do everything in the wrong order it will all be free? I get punished well the bad guy gets rewarded. This really got my blood pumping.

However, I have come to believe over the short 4 months since school has started that everything happens for a reason. As upset and angry as I was about not getting any help, I stopped and looked around me. What am I worrying for? Being afraid to ask my Dad for financial help was my problem. Luckily my father was able to help me with my first semester.

All I had to do was take a deep breath and tell myself don’t worry God has a plan for this. I have been fortunate to find a job that pays me enough to be able to afford some school.

God must have planned for me to take classes. He has planned for many things in my life to happen exactly how they have. Is it possible God has rewarded the Mother’s because he knows that they are heading in the wrong direction, and he wants them to at least get a good education to be able to get a job to support that child? Sometimes you have to look outside of the big picture and really break it into smaller ones to fully understand.

I am happy I am getting an education. Yes, it is a lot of work working full time and school full time. Yes, I may grumble about it and get upset because I don’t get things handed to me on a silver platter. This is how God makes it possible. Work hard and get what you deserve in the end.

So I must say that I am grateful. Trying does get you everywhere, even if you have to try it a couple of times to get it right. What-ever God has planned it will work out- when the tough gets going the going gets tough.