Every Child Deserves an Education

Shirley - Forest Hills, Kentucky
Entered on April 19, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Every Child Deserves an Education

I believe all children are entitled to an education. I believe that if we are to become a more tolerant and informed society, we must first give our future generations an opportunity to develop and grow. If we aspire to become people of integrity, time and effort in the form of education, must be the core factor.

I believe that all children, although blessed with varying talents and abilities, are entitled to a “chance” at honing those unique attributes. I believe that children benefit most when instruction is presented in a patient, understanding, and interesting format. Children need to know that individuality is respected and admired and that it is O.K. to be different. Creativity must be encouraged and applauded.

I believe that if I am to become a “sculptor of young minds” I must first work to develop the needed skills to produce worthwhile results. I believe that teachers should and can learn many things by giving students a chance to “shine.” After all, it is not “us against them” it is “we are all in this together.”

I believe that we are all capable of achieving so much more than we ever attempt. I also believe that most of us never fulfill our dreams and ambitions because we do not call upon our inner strength. I believe that we all have a guardian angel walking with us, but too many of us refuse to engage our angel, feeling we can get by on our own. We do not realize that our angel can steady us when we stumble, listen to us complain, laugh with us, and wipe tears from our cheeks.

I believe that we should teach our young people the terrible side-effects of jealousy and hatred in a society. When I consider the possibilities, I sometimes think it would be so simple, and then realize if it were easy, why do we continue to destroy our future by committing so many useless acts of cruelty. Many times it is because we do not understand the beautiful and real definition of “tolerance.”

I believe that we all have a responsibility to help our fellow “earth inhabitants,” regardless of nationality. If we desire peace and tolerance, then we must first exhibit these qualities ourselves. We should not turn our head and feign indifference when confronted with difficult situations but, instead seize the opportunity to make a difference.

I dream of a world of tolerance and peace. I believe that all of these things are very possible, but wonder if we are ready to make the sacrifices needed to produce such marvelous results. Why do I believe? Because I must, because I can, because I have enormous faith in the human race, because it is my responsibility as a person, because I want to be a good example for my own children and students, because after all, why shouldn’t I?