the true meanings of christmas and easter

Sarah - Warrenton, Missouri
Entered on April 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that around Christmas and Easter people get too commercial they seem to put X-mas on cards but what they don’t know is their leaving Christ out of Christmas and people get too into Santa and the Easter bunny. I mean seriously these people aren’t getting the true meaning of Easter and Christmas they are getting too into gifts and during those seasons prices go up very high on everything! God wouldn’t want people to raise prices on everything! He would want us to get things for free and understand that Jesus was born on Christmas and when He died, He did it for us and three days later on Easter he rose from the dead and helped us with everything and we really don’t get that seriously I wouldn’t agree to get hung on a cross and die for a bunch of people who sinned and killed people I mean I would want them to go to burn in the fires of hell. I don’t know if you understand that Christ died for us he agreed to get onto a cross and die so we wouldn’t go to hell with the devil. He wanted us all to go to heaven and be happy and even if we broke a commandment we would still be in heaven. One of my youth leaders said that we aren’t really sorry that we sinned we’re sorry we got caught and that is another thing we don’t need to be asking for forgiveness because we got caught we need to mean it. God is probably very disappointed in us for doing what we do on these holidays.

So please understand the true meaning of Christmas and Easter!!!!