Happiness Is Homemade

Tommie Rae - Micanopy, Florida
Entered on April 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A small boy runs home, crying. Once inside he calls out to his mother. His mother reaches out her arms and the boy runs into her embrace. She asks,

“What’s wrong?”

His words are drowned out by the fabric of her shirt, which he clings to. Suddenly she smiles, for she has thought of what would make her son feel better.

“Would you like a plate of cookies?” she asks.

The boy looks up at her, smiles and nods.

Why is it that a plate of warm homemade cookies makes you feel better? Is it the cookie themselves? No, that can’t be it, because you can buy cookies, and that doesn’t cheer you up as much. Maybe it’s because they’re warm. Well, you can heat up anything now a day. (Including watermelon, which tastes nasty, please don’t try it!)

Then the reason must be because they’re homemade! No, not necessarily, because I’ve had some downright horrible homemade cookies. They did not make me feel better; to be exact they made me want to throw up. So what is it about homemade cookies that makes us feel better? Let’s look at another example, to see if we can figure it out.

In the movie ‘Stranger than Fiction’ the main character, Harold Crick, is a tax collector; in other words, he works for the I.R.S., one of American adults worst fears. Mr. Crick is sent to audit Ana Pascal. She hates him on their first meeting as expected, and so after a long, miserable day of going through her receipts and such, he packs to leave. Before he can go, Ana brings him a plate of freshly made chocolate-chip cookies. She partially apologizes for making his day so horrible and offers the cookies as sort of a peace offering. Harold cautiously accepts the cookies, and reveals that he has never truly had homemade cookies. His mother always bought them store made cookies. He had never had cookies made directly for him, and from that moment on he begins to fall in love with Ana.

What was it about that simple gesture that made Harold fall in love with someone who had just made his day a living hell? She obviously wasn’t trying to win his affection, just acting as a normal human would. Maybe it’s because she showed some compassion for him. In reality that’s all people want, someone who accepts them for who they are; but that’s beside the point. The point is he started to fall in love with Ana because she made him cookies!

Have you figured out why the cookies made him feel better yet? Not only that, but why warm homemade cookies make you feel better? It’s rather simple if you think about it. Warm homemade cookies make you feel better because they’re made for you. Whoever made you a plate of cookies obviously cared enough about you to make them. That’s why they brighten your day, because they’re made with love. To be loved is all anyone could ask for. That is why I believe no matter who you are, a plate of warm homemade cookies will make you feel better.