I believe my child learning disability will soon no longer exist

Crystal - Charlotte NC 28227, North Carolina
Entered on April 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe my son learning disability will not exist one day.

Growing up as a child I would walk pass a Special Ed class and would be scare out of my mind. My friends and I would giggle and would ask one another what’s wrong with the little girl or boy. Never thought I would be asking myself what’s wrong with my son. Never thought I would be walking my son to a Special Ed class. Never thought my child would be develop mental delayed. Now the laugh is on my child. Sometimes when I’m walking my son to class you can see the unpleasant faces and the giggles will start. Deep down inside I would want to tell him they’re not trying to be your friend they are laughing at you because you’re different.

My son is constantly fighting for friendship from his peers. I myself am constantly fighting for understanding that my child is no different from any other child. I’m constantly telling mothers and fathers it’s just a learning disability.

I wouldn’t change my son for nothing in the world. I believe his learning disability is only temporally and will vanish one day. Sometimes I daydream of going to a parent conference meeting hearing the teacher say your child made straight A’s. Instead she states, your son is making progress and will soon be on a third grade level. Before my son gets promoted to the next grade, an evaluation must be done to assure that he gets the proper help for his learning disability.

My son has no idea what’s going on, he just goes with the flow. I believe his learning disability happened for a reason. It will make him strong enough to deal with tough life situations. His great smile and silly personality will make his learning disability go away, that’s what I hope, pray, and believe.

I believe people should put their selfish way of thinking just to accommodate my son’s feelings. I believe in making others believe my son doesn’t have a learning disability by telling them he’s just like me and you. In the eyes of the lord and me he’s the smartest child in the world.