I believe in God

Lana - 947, Mississippi Bangladesh
Entered on April 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in God

I am a devoted Christian and honestly love and thank God for everything he has given to me. But we all have our doubts or questions sometime in our life and mine was about three months ago…

I was on my way to work one day, I parked in the parking lot and got out of the car. That day for some reason, I was questioning the exsistance of God. I was wondering what the real proof was. And then the birds started chirping and the wind started blowing. And I started thinking…

I dont see the wind, but I feel it, and believe it exsistes. So I cant see God, but I can see his creations. The little birds in the sky singing happy toons, and the newly sprouting grass; The white and yellow daisy’s in the neighbors yard blooming up out of the ground to great me good morning, these are his creations.

How could things so great, powerful, and meaningfull to peoples life be made me a human being, even the smartest? It cant be. Take the human body for example. You would have to agree that it is the work of a God. From the wonderous works of the brain, sending messages to every organ in the body, to the heart and lungs pumping blood through countless vains just to keep us alive, all the way to the over 200 bones and 600 muscles in our body that work together to protect our internal organs.

And dont forget the oxygen in the air, and the silky smooth sky that also help keep us alive. How could anything, anyone, or any atom, make such things so wonderful? It cant. Day or night, when looking up into the sky, you have to admit that the sun, moon, and stars are beyond compare… to anything.

My favorite is when Im feeling sad or depressed,like things just cant get any worse and I walk out side for some fresh air, and I just lie down and stare up into the sky for hours. Trying to find or see something, some kind of clue that could just lead you to the way you should lead your life. Could that feeling be made by the simple doing of a human? Of coarse not!

I believe in God and I hope you do too. Even if you do believe we were evolved, or made from an atomic reaction; where did the earth come from? And where did space come from? All these questions can be found in the hands of the only true God; Jehovah God.