I Believe that I will Graduate from college.

Uriel - moroe, North Carolina
Entered on April 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that I will graduate from college.

I believe that I will graduate from college. It’s been more than ten years of attending school. Year by year I tried my best in school by focusing and staying on task with my assignments. When started kid garden I had to do things that consisted in the basic skills of learning. Things like learning the colors and abc’s. Since as I was growing, my intelligence was developing as well. I finished elementary school; I remember that I was nervous on going to middle school. I told my mom that I didn’t wanted to go. She always persuaded me on going to school. Now days I believe that will graduate from college.

I believe that by finishing college, many doors to successes are going to open. The doors that are closed and will be not open if I don’t finish college will be open if I do finish. If I want to support my family and give them a good life, I have to work really hard to do it. By finishing college and having a good job, I know that am going to be able to give my family what they need.

I been working hard to pay and complete college. I don’t want to loose my money and my valuable time, I try my best in school to not to fail. Right know college is the most important part of my school timeline. School and work sometimes is stressing when both are being done at the same time. It’s hard to do both because I as a student have many activities to do. Anything can’t stop me from finishing college, unless God decides to let me be beside him. I know that God gives me the strength and knowledge to do well in life. He also gives me the thinking of finishing college because I know I will finish.