The Beauty of Greed

Nathaniel - Long Beach, Mississippi
Entered on April 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The human race is a social one, and as such, we rely on each other constantly. Whether it is for a sports team, a company, a family, or even an army, there is some sort of interconnected web where each person holds a support. In the end, we have to put aside whatever differences we have for something, whether it be necessary to survival or merely hedonistic greed. At the same time, are those not the same? We derive pleasure from living, and greedily do what it takes to keep our lives. That being the case, are people really all that different from each other?

I was raised to be a caring person, pure and simple. Because of the way my parents brought me up, it always makes me feel great to be able to put a smile on a face, friend or stranger. This begs the question, am I really doing it for the other person, or for my own selfish purposes? Does it really matter? After all, both parties come out on top, and that is where the importance lies. If I can help a friend out with an addiction, an illness, or depression, it benefits me greatly as I have kept a friend by helping them, and at the same time made them more capable of helping me. The same goes for helping a stranger, someone you may never have even seen before. If you help them, they are more likely to help you. Even if they do not, at least you are less likely to have earned another enemy.

Because of my upbringing, I have lived my life to help others, which in retrospect was as much about helping me. I have always seemed to be a magnet for the underdog, the depressed, angry, suicidal group of my peers. For some reason, they like to keep me around. I think I know why when I see them smile when they see me drive up or walk around the corner. I am there to support most anyone if I can, and they nearly always return the favor. If this is not the purpose of a social species, I will not be able to tell you what is. When it comes down to it, maybe we are not that different, maybe we are all greedy, but is it such a bad thing?