Oh God; Take away my religion

Saira - kokomo, Indiana
Entered on April 17, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Oh God

Strengthen my faith

I begin my day

Starting to pray

From You and only from You

Forgive me for my ignorance

My littlehood

My nothingness

My human nature

Full of ego

Full of pride

It never can reach

The heigths of Your divine nature

The heights my esteem wants to reach

The text my mind wants to read

The picture my eye wants to see

That text ; A tale

That picture ; An illusion

Created by human mind

Tainted by human desire

They say religion is its name

In Your name they try to speak

Without a copyright they try to seek

So many paths to You

Each one the true one , as they claim

with good inention and all good name

Where is the wisdom lost in knowledge

Where is the knowledge lost in information

A wisdom they all share together

still they refuse to adhere together

The wisdom that asks for seeking

With mind and soul, free and pure

Without boundaries, Without shackles

Without fear, Without confusion

Without a pause to conscience

An authority they hold

that claims for guidance

But takes away my faith

and makes me a pagan

Help me focus on seeking the faith

The faith in you; with full conviction

Help me worship You and not the religion

Take away the impurities from my vision

Because too sacred is my faith

to be contaminated, to be polluted

or to suurender to an authority other than You

Take away my religion

Take away my idols

Make me a beleiver

Strengthen my faith