My Space

Jacob - Petoskey, Michigan
Entered on April 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My Space

Myspace is a website dedicated to personal space along with many other blog websites, in existence for the sole purpose for people to express themselves in any way they feel necessary or prefer. Is there really a lack of space that we must declare our own space to the world? Is there a need to express one’s individuality to the world? Where do I truly find my own space other than on the Internet? It has been said that you can be in a crowd and still be alone. When I include the “crowd” of 10 brothers and sisters into the picture, and the fact a bedroom of my own is unattainable, I can still have my personal space…in my mind. No one can pop open my head and see what I’m thinking, dreaming about, or imagining.

In a physical sense, I have my limited space; however, in a mental sense, I possess what could be thought of as limitless space. My imagination is an example of that “limitless” space. All fairy tales, fictional stories, and “tall tales” of different events or people in history are made up; Daniel Boone, Davy Crocket, and other famous people have had stories about them made up through imagination. My imagination can also take me to faraway places. I can imagine myself in England and an heir to the throne with servants to fulfill my every wish, but then I can imagine myself in the lowly state of a peasant (i.e. The Prince and the Pauper). My imagination is only part of this personal space.

When I’m riding in the car, working around the house, or riding my bike, I have opportune time to be alone with my thoughts. I can plan for the next day or meditate the mistakes of yesterday. I can reflect on an act of kindness I have done or that was given to me. There’s also the time to think of the difficult times I’ve experienced in my life and how to deal with them better, or better yet, how to avoid them. My thoughts are also my own space.

I can dream of my future and vocation. Far away dreams come occasionally: a home of my own and maybe a dog to take for a walk on a warm spring evening. My dreams are yet another part of my own space.

Even if I was in a smaller, more manageable family, I would still want and would have my own personal space, my own freedom to imagine and to do what I want.

So where could somebody find amazing, limitless space? In their own mind. With my mind I can think, dream, and imagine what tomorrow, next week, or even the next year will bring. There is not a deficiency of space, mentally, that I must declare my own space to the world. I believe I have my own space. I believe everyone has his or her own personal, mental space.