The Truth Counts No Matter What

Bill - Petoskey, Michigan
Entered on April 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity

The Truth Counts No Matter What

I believe in telling the truth. My definition of truth, that I follow, is to say what comes to the heart, showing obedience to my peers, obedience to my family above all else, and keeping a promise true in the light of achieving that promise. If the truth is told in all circumstances of life, people living in the world today would lead better lives. This is also true when the tables are turned, and the situation has risen to a high level of trouble. I have experienced this first hand in my life. For example, telling my parents that I have smoked marijuana for the first time was an adventure I’ll never forget.

It was the third week of June and my cousin, T.J., was up for a week. He came over to my house, because he and I, at the time were good buddies. While he was up, we decided to go smoke some marijuana. I had a blast getting high, but the risk of my parents finding out about what I did was very high. I live in a small town, and word of that kind of activity still gets out really fast. I couldn’t sleep thinking about what my parents would do, say, or think about me. So I proceeded to answer my gut fear and told my parents what I had done.

I was brought up in a family of good morals, and telling the truth about the marijuana helped this area in life. My parents taught me to make right choices as a child. Telling the truth only helped me out, because I was honest and up front about the situation with my parents. Sometimes telling the truth, to someone that you’re intimately involved with, can really hurt your feelings.

I was dating this girl in the winter of 2005 through the fall of 2006. I thought of her to be the most innocent girl I would have known, until she broke up with me at a gathering. She told me that it was because we weren’t seeing each other enough and that things just weren’t working out between us. Well, a month later, she approaches me again to tell me the truth. She broke up with me because of another guy she met while going camping. I was infuriated at the very notion of her telling me this. I was “utterly pissed off” at the fact that she had lied to me. It was not the fact that she cheated on me, but the fact that she lied that upset me.

Telling the truth can either ease a punishment or hurt a relationship depending on the situation. I have experienced both sides of the spectrum of truth. Telling the truth may piss people off or create happiness, but I can lay on my death bed knowing I told the truth.