Fast Food Nation

Jeff - Petoskey, Michigan
Entered on April 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Fast Food Nation

There are 160,000 different types of fast food restaurants in the United States, serving any kind of food that you want. On average, fast food restaurants serve 50 million people a day. Over 100 billion served is a slogan and an understatement, by McDonald’s. Really, 27 million people every day in the United States eat at a McDonald’s. McDonald’s is my example in this essay, but I am really talking about all fast food restaurants. I believe fast food, a product of our society, is killing our bodies and our families.

A major health problem in the United States today is obesity. Fast food is being linked to childhood obesity throughout the United States. One third of the children ages four to nineteen eat fast food daily. This adds six pounds per year to each child and increases the risk of obesity. The McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Club meal has a total of 1,250 calories in it, is over half of the total calorie intake for one day. In the movie, “Super Size Me,” Morgan Spurlock ate three meals at McDonald’s for thirty days, taking in 3,000 calories per day. He gained 25 pounds in thirty days. For the past couple years, one of my friends has lived a fast food lifestyle, because of it he has gained a significant amount of weight. Fast food is a problem in the United States.

The number one killer of Americans is heart disease, which can be linked to fast food. According to a Canadian study, the more fast food restaurants there are in an area, the higher the rate of heart disease and death. The high amount of trans-fat in the food causes heart disease. When people eat a lot of fast food, it builds and builds in the body. Arteries get clogged and the heart cannot fix it and that causes a heart attack. If we don’t stop living this fast food lifestyle, it’s just going to get worse.

The days of the American family eating together are almost extinct. It was just 30 years ago that it was a norm to have dinner with the family at the dinner table. But since we started to get more and more fast food restaurants, this has vanished. Now, instead of sitting down, eating a nice home cooked meal we go out and order fast food. This has partly to do with our lifestyle nowadays. We have a much more chaotic lifestyle. If we could just slow it down and go back to the past way it could really benefit our health.

America is truly a fast food nation. This subject really hits home for me. I have family and friends who are obese due to a fast food lifestyle. With all of this unhealthy fast food eating it’s hurting our family’s health and time together. Fast food will destroy the American family.