A Family to Love

Mary - Fenton, Michigan
Entered on April 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

A Family to Love

I come from a family of eleven. In these days, this is an unrealistic number of kids, but to me it’s a blessing to be from a big family. The times we have together are extraordinary, whether it be holidays, vacations, or ordinary everyday life. This is why I believe in big families.

I can’t imagine a holiday with only four people; my whole life has been based upon my family and our crazy times together. One of the best times of the year is Christmas morning. Little feet scamper through the halls and down the steps at three in the morning. Loud voices echo throughout the rooms, “Santa Came! Santa Came!” The morning becomes filled with greater excitement when everyone wakes up at 7 am. Wrapping paper flies through the air as gifts are unwrapped. My mom stops to ask, “Where’s Maddie?” We look around and find her buried underneath the paper playing with her new baby.

Another good aspect about coming from a big family is family vacations. Traveling with my ten brothers and sisters I learn patience and tolerance. When we travel to Florida we pile in a car for five hours to get to the airport, board a plane for three and a half hours, rent a minivan and fit eleven of us into five seats, and then finally cram everyone into a six person condo. By the end of the day all everyone wants is their personal space. Even though all I crave is a bed of my own, I see my little sister prance around in her first bikini, and instantly forgive her for waking me up at 7am.

Ordinary everyday life can sometimes be chaotic. Family dinners are hard to come by during the week because of all the kids in sports. Forgiving is part of an everyday routine. My family has seven girls; therefore, there is a great deal of PMSing at one time. The house goes into shambles when one girl steals another one’s clothes. They go screaming around the house and raid the other one’s room in search of what is missing. Patience is the only way to get through the day alive and to walk away when a problem arises.

Living with a big family can have its up and downs, but I wouldn’t trade my family for the world. Each trait I carry today is learned through my family, patience, tolerance, and being able to laugh in tough situations. Every day holds a new experience and memory, from family holidays and vacations to everyday life. This is why I believe in a big family.