I Belive In Nature

Patrick - Bedford, New Hampshire
Entered on April 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature, sports

I believe that nature has an intrinsic ability to bring momentary peace to the human soul. Nature is almost abstract in the sense that it is difficult to grasp what nature is in its entirety. However, I have found that nature is constantly at work to bring peace to my busy and stressful life. When I spend time in nature, I feel that my problems and questions become detached from me, and I am able to think clearly and rationally about the day’s issues. Nature is a playground, and nature has given me wonderful memories to replay in my head as a reminder that the stresses of daily life are far less than what they appear to be.

My most intimate encounters with nature are early summer mornings, when I rise out of bed to greet my friend on the horizon. When my bare feet sink into the cool sand of the shoreline, the fog swirls mystically above the water’s surface, and the sun sets ablaze the distant, hilltop vegetation, I feel some sort of euphoria. Yet, I am calm and at peace with the world for a single moment.

Then I set out on the boat, to wakeboard, the reason why I rise out of bed so early. Wakeboarding is partly an adrenaline-fueled sport; however, there are aspects of wakeboarding that make the sport greater than a recreational activity. When I am gliding along the surface of the lake, cutting deep lines in the crystal beneath my feet, I feel calm, almost detached from the world. No, not detached from the world, yet detached from the multitude of neurological processes that are constantly taking place in my brain every moment, processes that distract me from realizing the gifts that are present all around me.

When I am wakeboarding, nothing but pristine nature that surrounds me seems to exist. I do not think of the turmoil in the Middle East, the chores that I have to do, or any distraction that usually forces its way into my daily life. When I am wakeboarding, I can do nothing but realize the beauty of nature, and the sensation of being a part of the world of which I love. I believe that if I am able to feel as though I am one with nature, with the lake, I will be at peace.

Nature blesses me with a momentary feeling of peace, when all the problems of the world fade. The problems become faint for a second, and then I return to reality. The moment of peace gives me the strength to carry on until my next early morning session. I believe that nature truly does bring peace to my soul. I cannot wait to greet the rising sun, once again, and simply immerse myself in nature’s beauty.