Making Waves

Thomas - Culver, Indiana
Entered on April 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A common habit people have when they reach a problem is to dwell on it. They let is become the very reason why they can’t go to class the next day, can’t visit a close friend, or even make dinner that night. This problem becomes the epicenter of their world. And why is this you might add? It’s because people don’t feel that they can change the world around them. I believe in this ability to mold. I am that student that has a list of changes they want accomplished and will hopefully see them out.

The major change I would love to see in my high school is its acceptance of the gay individuals at our school. There have been many attempts to establish a gay-straight alliance on our campus, and all have failed because of the alumni that fund our existence. However, I don’t see alumni funding as a reason to quiet a voice that is on the national scale a hot issue. At my school we talk and talk about standing up for what you believe in and making your voice heard. I am making that attempt alongside two of many very good friends. Charlotte, a straight girl, Michele, a lesbian, and I, being gay, are speaking with our superintendent on ways we can exist as a group on campus and not make too many waves. This is our last hope I feel, the other attempts have been an all or nothing, live or die campaign to establish this gay-straight alliance. We are hoping to take it one step at a time until we are a full-fledged organization on campus.

The point, in the extreme situation that I have shown, is that each and every one of us should maybe take some time out of complaining about our situation in life and try and make something of it. Our generation relates to the song “Waitin’ on the World to Change” so much that it’s sad. We are going to be the voice of power in the near future, and if we think that problems can be solved by complaining and waiting, we have a rude awakening when the alarm goes off and the snooze button has been taken away. As a generation of individuals living in a nation where the ability to mold and decide the path for our own lives is laid out in front of us from birth, we need to realize and take advantage of our position, and help out the young girl on the street, and the young boy in front of that judge. We need to stop complaining and starting making a difference; this I believe.