Fear is the Ultimate Motivator

Becky - Dillsburg, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that fear is the ultimate motivator. Throughout my life, I’ve had the fear of failure. I’ve been afraid that I will amount to nothing, in a world full of “somethings.” In this day and age, it’s nearly impossible to survive comfortably without a high paying job, which of course, means a high level of education. Sometimes I worry that I won’t make it in life, that although I have high standards set for myself, I worry that I may not have the discipline and determination to meet them.

I find myself to be not only a devoted procrastinator, but also an extremely accomplished one. Throughout high school I’d wait to do homework or study until the last minute, sometimes, I wouldn’t even do it at all. Of course, like any classic case, I regret that now. Thanks to my laziness then, I’m working twice as hard now. I don’t mean to sound pompous, but I’m far from unintelligent. However, you’d never know that by looking at my high school transcript. That’s why I’m at HACC. I wouldn’t have been able to get in to any (decent) school, with my high school transcript. I want to earn my PhD in psychology. I’m determined to earn my PhD in psychology. Being a psychologist is my dream; a dream I won’t wake up from until it’s a reality. The fear of not living that dream forces me everyday to do better than my best at HACC, because in order to transfer to another school to receive a higher degree, I need an incredible GPA and a solid transcript; the only way I can accomplish that, is to simply do nothing less than amazing at HACC.

I believe fear is the ultimate motivator, because my fear of failure to not become psychologist is so strong, it’s enabled me to push past 18 years of laziness, and become a dedicated student, who currently holds a 4.0 GPA and intends on doing anything necessary to maintain that. I want to be successful in life; I have to be successful in life. To me, there is no other option, and I can thank the fear of what that other non-existent option is, for keeping me motivated, as if my life literally depended on it.