I Believe in the power of cheese

Stacy - Allendale, Michigan
Entered on April 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in cheese.

Someone once told me that everyone in the world is connected to each other by no more than six people. Theoretically I know the president, the pope, and Osama Bin Laden. With all these connections floating around why can’t we achieve that ever illusive world peace?

With all those relationship chains wrapping around the world why do so many people die alone? Why do we have to have a dating website find the right person for us?

I believe we are all connected…. by cheese. Yes, cheese. Without care and consideration those connections get old and moldy and crumble to pieces just like old nasty cheese. But with a little attention and love those relationships grow stronger and better just like a fine ripened cheese.

Why cheese? Why not? It’s something that we often ignore or take for granted. We never take cheese seriously just like we don’t take our relationships seriously. We insult our family members and we nag our friends. I picture the world’s connections like a giant mound of moldy mozzarella, just like in cartoons, with the green fumes rising above it.

Now if only we could find one really hungry mouse (paging Jerry) to eat all that moldy stuff, then we could take a step back and watching the ripened relationships spread across the world like giant strands of string cheese.

Yes I know that is terribly cheesy and might cause minor indigestion but isn’t world peace worth a little cheese?