Hard work

Wendy - San Diego, California
Entered on April 16, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: work

A job well done means food on the table. It also means that life might last at least one more day. As a mechanic I build gas compressors for the oil and gas industry; Big pumps, basically. When I do my job right the product I make helps send natural gas from the ground to homes of people like you and me who just want to put food on the table. If I do poorly at my job, someone’s husband, brother or father could die in an oil rig explosion in the gulf of Mexico.

A job well done means integrity. It also means ability. The power to say “I made a mistake, let’s take it apart and do it right” even when this means that schedules will be missed and money will be lost. It means honesty.

I’ve made mistakes in what I do and thankfully I have learned from those mistakes. I’ve never tried to hide a mistake. There are right and wrong ways to get the job done. What I do I learned to do from those who taught me by paying attention and respecting what they had to teach me. I take my work seriously and I demand that those I teach take their work seriously as well.

What I do is dangerous and I’ve got no delusions about a forty ton compressor being a gentle giant. I want to go home each day with all ten fingers and all ten toes and I want the same for everyone I work with. Doing my job well means doing it safely. I wear my steel toe boots. I wear my safety glasses. Most importantly I pay attention to my environment.

I’m a company man. I make product so that we all get paid, so the company can continue to grow and so that investors earn returns. Doing my job well means that I have a job. I work for my fellow worker also. If the company were paying less than it should or safety concerns were not being addressed I would voluntarily stand with my fellows carrying a sign. My expectations are that the company I work for will never give me reason to complain. I love my job and I do it well.