Any one can be a hero

Erin - P-town, Michigan
Entered on April 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

A Hero Depends On the Situation

To have a hero is to have hope for yourself. Every one needs a hero. Its what makes us move on when we see no point in going forward. Any one can be some once hero. No matter what kind of hardships any of us go through there is always a higher figure that we can look to. It does not matter if that person wears hot pink spandex Speedos and lime green aviators or if that person wears a business suit and tie. It does not even matter if they wear an apron and make cookies for homeless children. It all comes down to that particular person who helps you do better in your life ( at whatever stage you are at) and motivates you to be the best you can be.

When defining heroism in my little sister’s eyes, it is all about how cool her favorite super hero’s outfit is. When I was a teenager, it was all about fashion, fake nails, guns and movies, but when I became an adult the definition started to vary. It depends mostly on the way an individual was brought up and the hardships that person had to undergo. My Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer; it wrenches my heart. Excpeshally knowing that my aunt could die any day from such a disease. However, when my aunt was given the proper medication to put the illness into remission and came out of recovery an even stronger person than before, I gained a huge amount of respect and she was instantly heroic in my eyes. Heroism greatly depends on were you are in life and your situation.

A hero is someone who I have the utmost respect; they are the type of person I can look up to and believe in. At times I may relate to my hero and, even feel what this heroic person has felt at some point or another. Maybe I have made the same achievement or handled a similar crisis. My hero may deal with unbearable people and maybe I have had to deal with them too, such as an authority figure at work or an enemy. Either way, I can connect to the one I consider a hero.

Now that I’m in adulthood, heroism can be defined in many ways. It could be a millionaire who can only be seen on TV. It could be the successful business owner who lives in the mansion down the street. What about a boss who has done exceptionally well in their line of business? It could even be someone who I secretly look up to, such as an older sibling or a co-worker. Whoever it may be, that person is one who reflects achievement and is someone who makes us want to thrive to do better. I have yet to find this hero of mine to help me keep faith and move on in this new stage of life called adulthood.

Lastly, it is someone who you have the utmost respect for. That is a hero. And no matter what stage you are going threw in life, you need some one to look up to. Any one could be your hero; just like any one could have you as there hero. We all need a hero at some point. So ask your self this before you sleep, whose hero are you?