Respect: Where Honorable People Are Made

Craig - Peoskey, Michigan
Entered on April 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

I believe that in war, sport, and friendship, people respect each other through their good, and bad times by interacting with one another, as honorable human beings.

First, in WWII, Desmond T. Ross showed a special bond between men. He served in the 307thinfantry as a medic and while serving, he found himself on the island of Okinawa at a place called Hacksaw Ridge, named for the intensity of the battle that took place there. While on the ridge, he managed to climb up the steep incline without receiving a wound, and he went about his duties as a medic. Desmond tended to the wounded, carried them on a tarp to the ridge’s side, and lowered the wounded to friendly faces below, only to receive wounds to a arm and a leg. When a medic from another company saw this, he came to help Desmond, and started to load him on a stretcher. He refused, and gave up his stretcher seven more times to men who were ether wounded in the chest or the head area, until he finally agreed to be carried off for the wounds that he received. To me, when a man or a woman puts him or herself before others make them honorable people; it’s the finest example of respect for fellow human beings.

Second, in sports, respect is judged on how well you treat the members of the opposing team. This is shown through sportsmanship, such as helping a player from the opposing team up after he has fallen, and shaking hands after the game, even if you hate that particular team. An example of this respectful action would be the game between Michigan and Ohio State of last year’s college football season. Even though these two rival schools have a strong hatred towards one another, they still show respect by helping one anther up after each play, and shake hands after the game, no matter what color their jerseys are.

Third, in friendship, or should I say, my friendship with my one and only friend, Kyle Yackle, there is an example of me being a honorable person. Today, I continue to be a friend even though we live far apart. I live in Petoskey, and as his friend, I continue to look him up when I go home to my home town called Pigeon for the holidays. The last time I saw him, it was before thanksgiving, and I took him and his wife Vicki out for dinner, and paid for their meals. I also made Kyle a promise that night, which I hope I can keep: to send a check to him to help with farm costs, but only after my education is finished and have a good paying job.

It’s said by a few people that through history and life, honorable people are looked at as legends, and legends are a way of understanding things greater then ourselves; events that deify explanation, individuals whose lives soar to the heavens, or fall to the earth, and this is how I believe honorable human beings are made.