Appreciating the Small Things

Kayla - Hooksett, New Hampshire
Entered on April 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in appreciating the small things. I used to wake up hating my alarm clock, wishing today were Saturday. I got through the day on multiple cups of coffee, working only for the day I wouldn’t have to work anymore. Then I realized I wasn’t not living my

life; I’m barely living at all. I was in a haze of

numb. I was wasting my life on nexts. The next class that would hopefully be better than this one. The next school day because it was one day closer to the weekend. The next chapter because maybe I would understand that one. So I stopped that very moment,

and I started living my life.

I started appreciating the small things life had around every corner. It was the time I was at a red light and the guy next to me was belting out Britney Spears that reminded me not to care what others think.

It was the time I saw a lady at Barnes and Noble with a braided rattail and acid wash jeans that reminded me there was humor everywhere and the 80’s will never

die. It was hitting every red light, being late, and having my interviewer get there ten minutes after I did that reminded me that luck exists and punctuality doesn’t. It was seeing that freshman wipe out, laughing with my best friend until we cried, and then falling on the same patch of ice that made me appreciate karma. It was getting the shivers when I

watched the song that happens to play at every major moment in my life being performed live in concert that

made me feel like I was in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. The small things are enjoying a sabbatical from the world and not being afraid to be alone. The small things are being an outsider and

loving it because I’m proud to say that I haven’t peaked in high school. The small things are having my best friends take away the heartache of losing my cousin that showed me it’s okay to let people in and rely on them because my real friends were there for me

when I needed them the most. The small things are having my locker-mate’s books fall right in front of my face and not even have known he was there that made me realize sometimes I need to get out of my head.

So if there is one thing that I whole heartedly believe in, it’s appreciating the small things. They’re what make me believe that fate exists, and not everyone is in this game of life for themselves. The small things make the bad days a little more bearable, and the good days the great ones. Living moment to

moment, small thing to small thing, allows me to truly live my life and not waste one more second of it.