I Believe In Laughter

Sean - Candia, New Hampshire
Entered on April 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that laughter must be the best medicine of all. Studies prove that patients who laugh on a regular basis in hospitals recover faster and have more improved health than patients who do not laugh as much. I have been in the hospital for a week’s time twice in my life because of surgery, and I have experienced the differences firsthand. During my first hospital stay I rarely laughed at all. I felt horrible the whole time I stayed there. The second time I had surgery, I had a nurse who made me laugh so hard it sometimes hurt. During my second visit, I remember not feeling as much pain. I didn’t hate the hospital and loathe every minute I recovered in there. Laughter kept my mind off everything else and let me enjoy the moment.

I believe that laughter embodies the best expression in the world. I believe in the knock-knock and the why-did-the-chicken-cross-the-road jokes, and the all around funny. Laughter is used everyday by pretty much everyone in the world. Laughter explodes happiness from us, and I believe in this greatly. If a friend feels down I try to make them laugh. If I meet someone for the first time, a joke breaks the ice. Why do I try to make people laugh? I make them laugh because laughter shows me their happiness and lets me share my happiness with that person.

Some people have a hearty laugh brought from their gut and some have a high pitched laugh from the nose, expressing their own unique individual laugh. Sometimes people laugh so hard they can’t breathe, but sometimes people barely laugh at all. I know that for myself laughing is a wonderful feeling. The way I describe laughter is a warm feeling that consumes me and makes me feel immense joy. My laugh starts from my gut and works its way up my throat, and pretty soon I am laughing like a fog horn. Laughing frees me from the troubles I may be going through. It lets me escape worrying about problems I may have. I feel as though I am without a care in the world and nothing can bring me down. Laughing doesn’t seem like a very important feeling or expression to have in your life, but without laughter I know my life would be different. I couldn’t imagine worrying about everything all the time. My laughter says to me, “Hey, things happen, but you have to let these problems go before they eat you up.” So I laugh or chuckle in my own high pitch and all troubles melt away. These reasons show why laughing is so important to me.

I hope that everyone feels the joy I do in laughter. I think that if everyone laughed for 5 minutes every hour they are awake then the world would be happier. Laughing is great for me to unwind and feel at ease. I believe in laughter because it keeps me sane.