Time Is Worth Cherishing

Amanda - Merrimack, New Hampshire
Entered on April 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

I believe in time and in cherishing every moment I have, because I know that my time on earth is limited.

Ironically, my belief is also something that scares me the most. I fear that I am in a constant race with the clock, and it’s beating me by a mile.

Who put a limit on a time anyways? Who says that x amount of minutes equals y amount of hours or days? I wish life could have an infinite amount of time, where hours just sort of float on without measure. If you think about it, our life is run by time, and I really wish life wasn’t that way. I wish my day could be extended by hours so I can fit in the things I procrastinate. Although I believe in time, I am in no way good at managing it. In fact, my time management stinks. I’m late for almost everything, and I do all my homework at midnight because I figure it won’t take me three hours to do it. Throughout my long seventeen years, however, I’ve realized that there is never enough time.

I never really thought about time or my great time wasting skills until my mom passed away. I don’t regret a lot in life, but one of my biggest regrets is not spending more time with my mom. I took time for granted, and figured I would have a lot more time than I did. Instead of sitting and talking with her, I would go to a friend’s house or stay in my room on my computer or watching television. Little did I realize that time would be my worst enemy in this situation, stabbing me in the back when I least expected it. I thought that time was my best friend, and therefore, would always be there for me. But I was wrong, and now I really wish that I could get all of that time back. Unfortunately, I can’t turn back my clock, because time is permanent, cold and unmoving for everyone, including me.

Each day, I don’t take life for granted anymore. I live in the moment and live like today is my last. After all, that’s what life is all about, living in the moment and not wasting any time. More importantly, I remember that time can’t go on forever, and no matter how hard I try, time will not extend or rewind itself for me. I have found that time management doesn’t always have to be great because it’s not how long I spend doing something, but what I do with my time that matters. In order to win that long, hard race against time, I need to make the most of life and live every day fully and completely. Some days may seem to go by faster than others, but I know if I make the most of every second, one day it, it will be worth it.