I believe in being a part of a team

Dylan - Manchester, New Hampshire
Entered on April 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in being a part of a team.

I believe that above everything else in my childhood, what shaped me most was being a part of numerous teams. My belief does not pertain to specifically sports teams. Participating in all types of groups that work towards a common goal helped me as well. Participating on teams taught me almost everything I will need to know in order to make a decent living in this world. My belief is so strong in my mind because I have been participating on teams since the age of five. I began to play baseball and basketball at that age and later started football at the age of eight. The camaraderie is undeniable on a team and nothing can replace that feeling. A team teaches kids about being a part of something bigger than them.

The most important aspect of my belief stems from my very first day playing football on my new team. I had played football for about six years on the Youngsville Hawks. I made many memories there and had plenty of friends that I played football with year in and year out. However, when I switched schools, I also decided to switch teams. I moved to a new team called the Manchester Bears. With the exception of a few kids, I knew no one. On the new team, I was the quarterback. As many people know, the quarterback is expected to be the leader of the offense. I saw this as a tall task considering only about three kids on the team knew who I was. I knew everyone on my old team and it came easy being the leader. However, I made a decision during the first week that I needed to learn everything about my new teammates. I knew in order to achieve our common goal as a team; I had to know the individual parts of the team. I took all the free time I had to get to know the kids. I ran plays with the running backs to get on the same page. The other players and I actually became quite close friends and we had a great season. I am convinced that I contributed to that great season simply by taking the time to learn about my teammates and how to cooperate with them.

The lesson that I learned that season has been and will continue to be valuable to me in life. I know now that I can work with and learn to cooperate with new people. When I enter the working world, I will have colleagues that I will need to collaborate with to achieve goals. My season on Manchester Bears taught me that being a part of a team, rather than always working alone, can teach you that lesson and make it a habit.

I believe in being a part of a team because it builds important characteristics in children that help them succeed throughout life.