Never Giving Up

Alie - Bedford, New Hampshire
Entered on April 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Sometimes I just want to quit, throw in the towel. Stress or criticism builds up, and I just want to escape reality. Obstacles are part of life; they can make a person stronger. I am who I am because of the struggles that I’ve overcome. Even when I’m struggling, I find a way to push myself to reach my goals.

I believe in never giving up, even when I want to.

It was the last day of basketball tryouts in eighth grade. I was nervous because I’d been cut twice before. I practiced before the season, but despite my hard work, I was cut for the third year. I did not let this keep me from playing a sport I loved. I worked hard through the next summer and fall. Finally, all my hard work paid off. I made my high school’s freshman team. After being cut from middle school basketball I wanted to quit; however, I reached down inside and found the will to keep going. I pushed myself harder than ever before and reached my goal of playing basketball for my school.

While I love basketball, softball is my favorite sport, and I play every summer. Last summer, I was on a new team. No one expected anything from me. If I made a mistake, I could just shake it off. As the season progressed and I improved, pressure to pitch well was thrown onto my shoulders. Along with the pressure came criticism. I was told that I wasn’t good enough. At the end of the season, I switched teams but still received criticism. I caved to the criticism and believed that maybe I wasn’t a good pitcher. I became sick of softball and almost wanted to quit. I soon realized that no matter how I felt, I could not quit. I dragged myself out to the field and pushed myself to make the most of practice. I found my love for the sport and used it to propel me to succeed.

Sports are not the only area of my life where I occasionally want to give up. I also have this feeling in school. I was in English class, and we were writing papers. I handed my teacher my tenth thesis sentence for the paper, and only found out that it was not yet good enough. I became frustrated and wanted to give up. After some editing, I gave my teacher another sentence. After time, I achieved a good sentence. Because I did not give up, I realized that I can write. I used this confidence when I wrote my next paper. While I still had some difficulty, I used my past success to propel me to write a good thesis.

From all of my experiences, I learned that I am in control of my destiny. Sometimes I will get down, but I have to push myself to go on. I learned that I am the person I am today because I never let myself give up.