The Power of Music

Kasey - Austin, Texas
Entered on April 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever had an annoying commmercial jingle stuck in your head? You know like the Mr.Gatti’s one? Even if it was a song on the radio that you didn’t like chances are it’s been stuck in your head. Maybe Fergie or Avril Lavigne. For me it was ‘Seven Nation Army’ by The White Stripes. No matter what I did I always caught myself singing it. Music is hard to escape, because it surrounds us. It’s everywhere. On TV, on iPods, and on the radio. Music has a great, powerful influence on the world and a lot of people don’t even realize it. I mean just try to imagine living in a world with out the Chris Brown’s or Lil Wayne’s that flood the airwaves. Music is used by different people, in so many different ways. Some use it to help them focus on homework assignments, some use it to describe how there’s ‘never a right time to say goodbye’, and sometimes its used to help heal the sick. I remember when my Granny Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer. They said it was so severe that she only had a few months to live, but that there was a new drug she could try to help slow down its advancement in her body, but thay weren’t sure if it would work or not. It didn’t. It caused her to have liver failure instead. Now instead of a few months, she only had a few weeks to live. She always loved classical music, and I think the power of that same music helped her hold on longer than she was expected to. As her fragile body became weaker and more jaundiced from the cancer and the liver failure combination, she listened to more and more music. It calmed her down, and she could escape into the different movements that Rachmaninoff or Mozart had composed. She ended up passing away, but not until everyone she loved had come to visit, reminisce, and say their goodbyes. I’ve seen the things music can do to people, and I’ve witnessed it power first-hand. I think that if it can help a dying woman live for a few more weeks than she’s expected to, then it’s more than just some beats and lyrics put together. This is why I believe in the power of music.