I Believe in Bologna

Catherine - Bedford, New Hampshire
Entered on April 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in bologna. Yes, as in the deli meat that Oscar Meyer has cheesy commercial jingles about. Why? Because a rather humorous even occurred a couple of years ago to me involving bologna, and this event taught me to learn not to take anything in life too seriously.

One day, during my lunch period freshman yes, I sat at my lunch table with my friends. The weather outside was absolutely horrible. About 15 minutes into lunch, the power in the school went out. A lot of the kids in the cafeteria went crazy; some were screaming and others were throwing food all over the place. One of the food items, that had been thrown across the room, was a slice of bologna. The bologna flew through the air, hit me on the top of the head, bounced off, hit my friend on the arm, and landed on the table. As you can imagine, I was not very happy that somebody’s half-eaten lunch had hit my hair. For weeks after, I did not find this event funny, every time my friends brought it up at lunch or study to laugh about, I would get incredibly upset and start lecturing them about how it was not funny. Finally after I lectured my friends several times, they said, “Why are you taking this so seriously? It’s not a big deal: it’s just a funny story.” That is when I realized that I took everything too seriously.

This past summer, I went to my friends sweet sixteen party. It was filled with cotton candy, swimming, volleyball, and lots of laughing. My friend said something to me, and I was like “Haha you are such a loser!” and she knew I was just kidding, but just to make the moment even better she took her orange soda and dumped it on my bathing suit. Over the summer, I rarely get stressed which makes everything less serious to me, so I just started laughing.

Sometimes I still take every little comment, grade, assignment, and idea too seriously. My goal is to someday try to loosen my seriousness; I work on it every day. It is so hard sometimes, especially if I am in a bad mood, to let rude comments or sarcasm not hurt me. Sometimes a “D” on a paper still feels like somebody stuck a knife through my stomach. I find it hard to not take every little thing that happens to me personally. For some reason I find that when I am stressed out from school work, I will take everything in the world to heart even though it may not even be about me. Because of bologna, I have learned to start not taking everything in life so seriously. In fact, that you can find the funny things in events that you would normally take seriously. This is why I believe in bologna.