working for what you want

Adolfo - 02118, Massachusetts
Entered on April 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe…

I believe in working for what you want. My mom always tells me “if you want something you need to work for it.” I set good examples for my brother, sisters and friends by showing them I work for what I want and they should to. When you’re young you have people to hold your hand but as you grow older those people start letting go, and start pushing you into being independent. Those people who still want to be held by the hand don’t get as far.

My aunt told me she wanted a better life for her children when she was younger and she worked hard enough to own five houses and send all her children in college. I have a friend who is seventeen and has been wanting for a job since he was fifteen but doesn’t bother looking for one

I wanted to work since I was fourteen years old but there is barely any jobs for 14 year old especially because school ended at 4:30pm. I continued my job search and I did some volunteer work. I wanted to look for a job by myself without any help.

When I turned fifteen I was invited for a three-day interview in Nantucket. This interview is for an after school program. My grades in school were good and I have some experience with children considering I did some volunteer work and did some babysitting. So I was confident that I was going to get the job.

In Nantucket the interview was mostly about finding what kind of leader you are. I wasn’t too worried about it because I don’t smoke, drink, I am not in a gang, and my younger siblings always want to hang with me because I have good ideas. In Nantucket we did some leadership games, they asked some questions and I answered them truthfully and did what I was asked. I was myself, but my main focus was to get the job because I really wanted it.

When we got back from Nantucket, a few days later I was called back to the program along with everyone else. I was confident that I was going to get this job. I knew this was going to be an exiting day for me. When it was my turn to go into the office, I was nervous in a good way. But when I heard the words, “Sorry but um you didn’t get the job because we just don’t like you.” I was crushed and didn’t understand why didn’t they like me? Or they were joking? I turned around and said “thank you for your time and I had a great time in Nantucket”.

But before I left I could see a smile on the employers face and they were laughing I knew I got this job because I work really hard and there was no way I couldn’t get this job. “Just kidding you got the job!” Those were the words I wanted to hear. I was happy, excited, and I felt as if I won something big. I was really happy that I got this job by myself by working hard for what I wanted.