The Baller That Once Was

Andy - south boston, Massachusetts
Entered on April 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever lost something that you didn’t appreciate until you lost it? Well I learned that you never know what you have until you have lost it.

Recently I lost a close friend named Acia Johnson. Sometimes people laughed at her because she was better than some other boys at almost every sport. For example, she was really good at basketball. She used to be the captain of her schools girls basketball team. Some boys didn’t accept the fact that she was better than them. To make themselves feel better, they made fun of her.

I personally can’t say that I never said anything, but when I did she knew that I wasn’t serious. Sometimes people would go too far and she would get sad and sometimes she would cry, but the things we said to her were never meant to hurt her. I just wish that I could have had the time to let her know that.

One of my good friends was one of the people who made fun of her. But she still didn’t care because she was always strong Now that she is gone, he regrets every thing, he ever said and did to her. He said that he would give up anything to have her back here.

Out of this experience I have learned a life lesson. That is to take care of your friends, and don’t say anything that isn’t right to them, because you will never know what could happen in life and then you will blame yourself for everything.

I can’t believe that she is gone. Before I never appreciated all the time she wanted to spend with us. She always wanted to play ball with us and we never appreciated that. Now that she is gone I feel like if she were to come back I would want to spend every minute with her to show her how much she means to me and everyone else as well.