I Believe in Flowers

Sydney - Elk Grove, California
Entered on April 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Sydney S


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I Believe in Flowers

When I was a small child, my family moved in to a new house in Elk Grove. To touch up

our front yard, we decided flowers would be an elegant choice. My mother and father dragged my brother and me to The Home Depot to help pick out some flowers. I remember strolling through the aisles carefully judging each flower right down to the petals. I have always been fond of flowers for they come in endless shapes and of all colors of the rainbow. I found it fascinating that an object so small could reflect the beauty of God’s eyes. I turned to find my mother looking at some flower buds and raced over to her, outrunning my thoughts. When I reached her I asked what she was looking at, trying to hide the fact that I was out of breath. She told me she was looking at color spots, which I inferred was the flower she was heavily

inspecting. The small grin on her face showed that she had affection toward the flower. I

quickly lost interest and moved on to the other flowers that had already reached their full

potential. I remember starring in to the flower and letting my imagination run wild as if nothing could stand in its way. I exclaimed to my mother that I had found much prettier flowers, but she decided to purchase the color spot buds instead. Confused, I questioned her why she had not bought the bigger and more colorful ones. She responded that the color spots were small and uninteresting now but would grow up to be a truly beautiful site. I thought my mother was wrong but day after day, I watched the buds get bigger and bigger until they opened up and revealed a stunning purple and the purest white I had ever seen. From that moment on, I believed in flowers.

We start out in life as helpless children that haven’t a clue what their purpose is. With

an education, family, friends and a friendly community, we form solid roots and build character as we blossom. As we merge in to adulthood, we are at our full potential and as stunning of a flower as ever. Our life is more like a flower’s lifespan than we realize. We have shivered in cold winter winds, have had our share of summer sun, have basked in spring showers, and have rejoiced in the falling of autumn leaves. Much like humans, flowers start out dull then are touched by God and blossom in to the works of Mother Nature’s stencil.

I would have to say that I do admire flowers for they prove that we can turn the ugliest

of all things in to a work of God. Flowers prove that anything is possible and that good can come from the worst of situations. Most of all, both flowers and humanity are helpless without the helping and holy hand of God.