Practice Makes Perfect

Jessica - Boyne City, Michigan
Entered on April 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports, work

Practice Makes Perfect

I believe that practice makes perfect. Whether it is in sports or academics, practice can lead to success. For every sport there is a different way of training to build your strength. It is the decision maker to the success wanted to be achieved. I believe in practicing hard every day with determination. To me perfect means the improvement made towards a goal, the hard work towards the goal, and the dedication put into the achievement of the goal. The saying “practice makes perfect” is used in everyday life.

Throughout high school, I played almost every sport. I played basketball, volleyball, tennis, and I ran track. There was no time when I wasn’t in a sport, or at practice. Every day I was either in the gym, on the court, or running around the track. All of this practice was getting me in shape for games, meets, and perfection.

I was the captain of my high school volleyball team for three years. I lead the team through practices and games. All of this would not have happened had I not busted my butt in practices. I started to see that I was becoming one of the best in the league, and in the region. This pushed me to practice harder. I would practice every day, and stay after and practice longer. I was constantly playing volleyball, it became my life. My coach told me that I could play college volleyball. The only downfall to playing in college was that I was shorter than an average front row hitter. I wanted to be able to play front row, so I worked to strengthen myself through weight lifting to jump higher. I sent tapes out to colleges, and by working hard I got accepted to play at a school on a volleyball scholarship. This would have never happened had I not put in the hours and determination I did in practice.

In everyday life, everyone experiences situations that make them work harder at achieving things. People who want to have a good career in life, push themselves to become good at what they want. Throughout school they practice all of the necessary things they need to know for the future. By doing so this helps with getting them a step ahead of their competition. In today’s world competition is everywhere. Without practicing there will be many lost opportunities that will have to be faced, due to the lack of determination.

If there is a goal wanting to be reached, working hard is the way to achieve it. It may come natural, but with practice perfection will follow. Without practice nobody would be perfect. That is why I believe that practice makes perfect.