All We Need Is A Little Melody

Claire - Keene, New Hampshire
Entered on April 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe in music the way that some people believe in God. Not in the sense that I worship, or pray for the sake of music, but in the sense that music – like God – is present in everything I know. Just think about it for a moment. Stop what you’re going and close your eyes. That buzzing in your head? Music. That annoying tapping sound made by the person next to you? Music. Think of a certain sound you love to hear: bird chirps, rainfall, the voice of a loved one. Music to your ears, is what they call that.

Some people believe that it is not good to devote your life to music. I have always wanted to attend college as a vocal performance major, in hopes of someday becoming an opera singer and a voice teacher. The path I took towards a college acceptance was paved with doubt, and not from myself but from others. Someone once asked me if I was actually serious about pursuing music. When I responded with a “yes, of course”, they looked at me skeptically and asked, “Where’s the sense in that? You’ll never be able to make a life out of music”. The way that I see it, I already have made a life out of music. I’ve grown up surrounded by music, and there has never been any doubt in my mind that music will always be a prominent part of me. I’m not expecting to become the Next Big Thing, but I am expecting to be happy. Music makes me happy, so why would I ever want to do anything else? I am proud to say that I was accepted into two great music schools, and have a wonderful experience waiting ahead of me at whichever I choose to attend.

Music is to me like religion is to others. It is a way of life that seeps through my every being, takes a hold of me and never loosens its grip. I can’t recall a single moment in my life thus far when music was not present. I eat, sleep and breathe music. What I don’t understand is why others can’t see the joy in music the way that I do. To me, it’s a way of expression. When I’m hurting, joyful, or remorseful, I find myself in music. It’s a way to find the right words to say when speaking just isn’t strong enough. To me, it’s a coat of armor to hide myself when I’m feeling attacked or alone. Some people find this protection in God; I find it in a melody. When I feel music, there is no pain.