I didn’t but now I do, I Believe in Myself!

Cristela - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Entered on April 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Back when I was in high school I did not really think about the future and of what I would be doing when I graduated. I did not see myself working hard to accomplish all my goals in order to have a life full of wishes come true. The present was all I saw. I guess I really did not think I would actually go to college and thrive in all my college courses. The way I saw myself, including the things I thought I was and was not capable of doing, were changed my senior year.

Half way through my senior year I got pregnant. I was only seventeen and I was going to be a mother. I would soon have the life of another human being in my hands. I was petrified I had no idea where my life was going let alone someone else’s. To my surprise I graduated high school, received a certificate of distinction, received two different scholarships, and completed nine credit hours of college even though I was pregnant and often ridiculed by former classmates. At that moment I started believing in myself for the first time!

June nineteenth, the summer after graduation, Cristalie was born. She was beautiful and I was proud. August was approaching and I would soon start my freshman year in college. After my first semester I got my grades and I had received two A’s and one B. This was all accomplished through rough nights of staying up with my little baby girl plus all-nighters when I had to study for a test, do homework, or write a paper. I probably only slept about two to three hours most nights. It was hard at first but I got the hang of it after a while. I might have gotten used to it but it never got easier. However, I was so proud that I had passed all my classes. At that moment I believed in myself even more!

I am currently enrolled full time at Oklahoma City Community College and I am passing all my classes. I learned a lot that last year of high school and the first year of college.

Since high school I have accomplished so much. I have raised a healthy baby girl who will be one year old in two months and I will be graduating OCCC with an associate’s degree next summer and moving on to Oklahoma University. I believe that I can succeed in everything I do. No matter what obstacles life might throw at me I believe in myself.