My Comforter

Grace - Bloomington, Indiana
Entered on April 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that God comforts and restores.

From the time that I was about 9 to around 14, I was a humongous worrier, worrying mostly about school. Everything from tests to speeches to just doing any talking in front of the class scared me half to death. I am not sure why I began to worry because I have wonderful parents who never pressured me to feel like I needed to be amazing at everything. I just think that for some reason, I was very hard on myself. As a result of my worrying, I would have alarmingly bad stomach aches. I had them so much that I was sure that I would have and ulcer later in life. When I think back on my worrying days, one particular event stands out.

One time I had to give a speech in the big auditorium of my middle school. I was absolutely so nervous. My mom told me that I would be awesome and to pray whenever I felt nervous about it. My friend Maddie tried to comfort me with the fact that she thought that I always did better at things when I was really nervous about them. Thank you, Maddie. The time came, and I was about to barf on the auditorium floor. I got up there, praying my little heart out. As I reached the top of those dreaded steps, I felt an amazing sense of peace. I gave my speech with just the hint of the shaky voice that would before have been barley audible. That day I knew that I would never worry as much again.

From then on, I no longer looked down in class whenever a teacher was scanning the students for someone to answer a question. I felt like an entirely new person! One person that I know that God also gave me to help me with being a colossal worrier was my mom. She was my constant reminder to turn to Him and not to try to deal with it myself. Never again has worrying controlled my life, and I could not have done it without Him. I believe that God is a Comforter who can restore anything, even a big worrier like me.